A multiplayer open source Pokemon MMO that runs right in your browser!
rshetty (85)

This game uses socket.io/Phaser to run. Please visit http://project-pokeworld.rshetty.repl.co to play the game. Note that this is just an engine at the moment and you will only be able to walk around the bare-bones map I have created.

If you wish to contribute to the project, visit https://github.com/LessKinetik/project-pokeworld.

Thank you!

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Lamby777 (55)

This is amazing!
Will you be able to play as any Pokémon?

rshetty (85)

@Lamby777 thank you so much! We (as in me and my friend) are currently fixing up the engine, and then we'll do the battle engine. Those are the main parts of the game, so after that we'll consider adding multiple Pokémon. You will likely be able to choose from basic forms, such as Growlithe, Wooper, etc.