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An old-timey's style of a website
mkhoi (259)

Its a style of a website

amasad (2272)

This is really cool. I wish someone makes a library of terminal shapes and graphics for others to use.

mkhoi (259)

@amasad Yeah i would love that too (espcecially ACSII graphics because those are awesome)

amasad (2272)

@mkhoi do it you have my support!

Kognise (389)

@amasad I should totally make this! Gotta destroy first...

themaka (181)

"old-timey" ? Get off my lawn!

KiKUP (46)

Cool! You should make the X red.

mkhoi (259)

@KiKUP It says "syntax error" or maybe i'm not doing it the right way

9Alper (1)

This is very wonderfull ı love it

ChristianThone (49)

Wow this is actually really cool, even tho the website doesn't work I might use this for a game!

mkhoi (259)

@ChristianThone What game? I hope its fun