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A recreation of the website.
HZLPY (39)

This is a nearly-identical copy of the website. None of the buttons do anything and some stuff is missing but this still took an hour to make. Enjoy if you're boring and like blank screens.

GarretThyCarrot (30)

Super cool! I almost mistook it for a second, and tried to do a repl! This carrots 🥕 like is a lot!

dyh (2)

super cool yo

HZLPY (39)

Update: Now clicking on the tabs on the left sends you to the corresponding page on the original

Coder100 (11093)

Lol nice work! The font could be better :)

HZLPY (39)

@Coder100 I know, but I didn't feel like going through all of that trouble just to find the font

HZLPY (39)

@Codemonkey51 LOL that's the font i used