A simple idle game
nulll (114)

This is something I did pretty quick and it's pretty simple, so if you want to post some feedback in the comments, that would be appreciated!

As I said, it's pretty simple, but for an eleven-year-old, it's pretty good!

Quick update:
I was going to add a patchnotes thing at the start that goes away, but I was cut short by the end of class. I'm currently on a different computer that doesnt have the clipboard saved or the original html, so I can't fix it right now.

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axelduch (21)

Nice! You might want to use something else than a button for money up, the enter key isn't disabled to get money without releasing it. Either that or catch keyCode 13 and cancel the event, but this way would require to modify some js

nulll (114)


Either that or catch keyCode 13 and cancel the event...

Added that.
EDIT: Wait hold on I broke something.
EDIT: I'm tired and my brain won't let me think of how to fix it. If you want to fork it and send the link, that would be appreciated.

axelduch (21)

@nulll https://repl.it/@axelduch/SimpleIdleGame-1

Just some ids mismatching/missing on the HTML side, being tired never helps!
Also, the problem hasn't disappeared regarding the "enter" key

nulll (114)

@axelduch Thank you and I was able to prevent the enter key by using some jQuery (which I don't really like, but it was the only way I could find to prevent the keypress).

I'm actually starting to use jQuery a bit more.