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A simple scrum board
patriceferlet (12)

I needed a simple scrum board, so I built it.

Use shortcuts, save and load your boards, drag and drop task, save again...

Need code cleanup and enhancement, that's a simple experiment, but it works (and can be installed as PWA on desktop)

Mobile ready ? not yet...

ZDev1 (319)

Actually I need it!
Thank you so much!

DannyIsCoding (519)

Awesome! I love the fact that there are 3 columns to organize the tasks.

VulcanWM (1961)

Nice work! Maybe you could use repl-db to make users and save their tasks.

DynamicSquid (2611)

Normal people: Damn, I really need a board, but everything out there sucks!

Coders: Damn, I really need a board, so I'm gonna make one myself

rjlevy (16)

Hi @patriceferlet, I think your scrum board is very cool. I like the fact that you used vanilla JavaScript instead of a framework - great job! :)