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A sudoku solver I made
DmitriiPavlov (34)

I am new to programming, so I would appreciate any tips to improve this.

Glare (235)

This is crazy! My Dad would love to use this to check his answers. Awesome!

DmitriiPavlov (34)

Sorry for how bad this looks, this GUI module is not very good.

DmitriiPavlov (34)

@DynamicSquid I looked on your profile, and noticed you made a very similar thing in Java - any tips to make mine faster?

CT2224 (153)

Awesome! Can you make it so the user can't put the same number in each row or column?

DmitriiPavlov (34)

@KirikAltekar That would be a good idea... instead what I ended up doing is just making it so it checks it when the user presses enter. I will look into it.

ThunderPython (37)

This was really a nice game @DmitriiPavlov . I am also new to programming and I also work in the same language. If you are up for an unofficial jam challenge the click on the link, read rules and participate. The link is

Jeydin21 (61)

@DmitriiPavlov Hey, are these actually accurate?

DmitriiPavlov (34)

@Jeydin21, yup every solution it gives is 100% accurate you can verify it yourself. This is really good for solving a sudoku puzzle you'd find in a newspaper since it wouldn't have multiple solutions - as do all good sudoku puzzles.

RahulChoubey1 (86)

It solved a sudoku with only 9 cells filled

DmitriiPavlov (34)

@RahulChoubey1 It finds a possible solution, if there is multiple it will find one.

DmitriiPavlov (34)

@RahuChoubey1 I might update it to enable you to cycle through multiple of them.

CoolJames1610 (656)

This is advanced! So you're not new xD