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A uselles but will impress your friends "grade changer"
MrMinimax (137)

Now, this program is litrally useless. It does nothing, however kids who cant code will be impressd by it, (note this was meant to be used for schools with canvas). THIS WILL NOT ACUALLY CHANGE YOUR GRADES (I do have a method that is very advanced known only as... do well on your test) In, change the top set of grades to mathc your real ones, and make it your classes too. (note those are not my grades becuase I don't think python lets you do negative numbers...). Have fun impressing your freinds!

sugarfi (492)

Python does let you do negative numbers! Also imaginary ones.

ThunderCoder (3)

wasting your time... LOL😜

LiamDonohue (283)

i iz sooo kool i changes miez graeds