AI Tic Tac Toe
MerlinKnight (157)

This is a tic tac toe program where you can play against a friend or an AI.
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Warhawk947 (519)

very good for a first project, i suggest learning more python so you can significantly shorten your lines of code

MerlinKnight (157)

@Warhawk947 Most of it is if statements how can I shorten it?

druceb (14)

@Warhawk947 bruh it’s not even his first project. You just ended his whole career!!

Warhawk947 (519)

@MerlinKnight you could put most things into function and then reuse the code when necessary

PH1 (158)

@MerlinKnight "first project" 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡