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AI uses brute force *AIMBOT* to solve mind-boggling puzzles!
Goldrank (35)

Inside AI:



AI: Wait, I don't know the location, I need to use brute force. :(

I quit fortnite, I don't know why I'm still making fortnite jokes. But, whatever.

Well, I tried making an AI before this and it failed, so this is my successful AI I made! You input a location, the AI has no idea about the location you input...

The AI will learn from its mistakes using the amazingly efficient method of Brute Force (being too lazy to program machine learning and de-bug his old code).

I still think that IEatPython will win...

TommyVictory (194)

That's actually cool!

CameronTighe (0)

15 guesses boii, plus btw thats not an ai

ProgrammerAI (10)

it's like battleship