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AZURE - Deal with Script Kiddies the right way!
AzureScripts (166)

i just made this simple repl to mess with script kiddies, it can also be used for anything else.
Such as IP Lookup, Website Lookup, getting SSL proxies.

Works best if you run it on this site:

Have fun!

Feel free to comment with feedback that i can add on to the menu!

timmy_i_chen (1108)

@AzureScripts These kinds of repls are not allowed on Normally this would be grounds to ban from the whole site. The repl has been removed - please do not use for such purposes.

AzureScripts (166)

@AzureScripts Also, did you just remove my whole month of work? ...

timmy_i_chen (1108)

@AzureScripts DOSing is against our terms of service. I can restore your repl so you can download the contents but it cannot be hosted on

AzureScripts (166)

I could completely remove that feature if it satisfies you.

AzureScripts (166)

@timmy_i_chen Timchen, where is the repl? I haven't gotten it yet, and it's important.

Steven_The_GuyT (236)

What are script kiddies? also why was it removed?


@Steven_The_GuyT It was removed as those kinds of repls are not allowed, and it was removed as such. Script kiddies are those that are new to coding or are kids (i think).
Question for you:
What did it have? What could it do?

AzureScripts (166)

@RoylatGnail "Grab SSL Proxies", "Website Lookup", "IP Lookup", "Spam IP Loggers". I can understand the last thing being bad, but they could've asked me to remove it.


@AzureScripts IP lookups can be bad, and using it the last one....