VOL 2D V 1.0
AbrahamTinajero (27)

You wake up on an island. WASD around and beat the dungeons in order to get off.

About Us

Hey guys. It's your group of sixteen-year-olds working for that bitcoin. Please be gentle, as we have never made a game in Pygame before this. This is a group project between David Gomez, Abraham Tinajero and David Vazquez. Enjoy. Please note that we are still working on this, however, expect to hear from us soon.

Extra Information

  • If the instructions are too small, WASD is to move, F is to attack/interact, and I opens the inventory.
  • It might take a minute, as we have uploaded a good amount of sprites.


  • V0.0.1 Removed Sans
  • V0.0.2 Added Sands
  • V0.4 Updated Game map and Introduced dungeon, movement, and attack animation.
  • V0.5 Added Sands attack, movement, and Game Over Screen.
  • V0.6 HUGE Update to maps, sprites, and enemies. Introduced weapons sprite and borders.
  • V0.6.9. Added 2 more dungeons, while working on the second and third bosses. More borders have been added, and more updates to old sprites.
  • V0.7 YOU CAN KILL THE SUN And the ghost boss.
  • V0.7.5. Added the loot and map for the third dungeon.
  • V1.0 One of our BIGGEST updates yet. We've added more dungeons, 1 more boss, and an ending that will wrap our day on this island up. Many other screens have also been updated(ie start screen, menu, and dungeon levels.) The map also underwent some changes, and will when you move forward. There will be a detailed tutorial soon for how to beat our game if anyone is interested.

Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/YyVZwHvOGEY

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