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Accurate PI Calculation Using Chudnovsky Formula
MrEconomical (2129)

Inspired by this post by @LizFoster, I decided to make a more accurate version of the pi calculation, this time with an accuracy of 1004 digits. Read their post to learn more about the method, they did a really great job of explaining it!

Highwayman (1251)

Oof 20 more digits and you would have been a cool boi but no XD

avibeskrowni (114)

this is pretty impressive!

also, i have a quick question (asking it here because it would be easier for you to notice): the repl auth you are using in a lot of your programs doesn't work on my mac. when i tried it on my chromebook, it worked though. is there something i'm doing wrong?

nithilan4 (234)

@avibeskrowni check if the site is on https. repl auth won't work with http

avibeskrowni (114)

@nithilan4 i log in and then it says " refused to connect"


I eat pie for Pi day... I guess you code a super accurate program to calculate it!

Roar123 (305)

Nice! Have you checked it by hand (or copy-pasting) to confirm that it's 100% accurate :)