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aceprogramer (9)

A small(kind of) website with a chat-bot AI that i am making using JavaScript. I am a amateur programmer FYI. I hope you like it, it is intended to be fun. Also its WIP.

aceprogramer (9)

@AydenB Thanks, I'm glad to see that someone noticed my work.

Butter_Cat (2)

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
(Translation: Pretty cool, but it fails to recognise simple sentences like 'how are you?')

aceprogramer (9)

@Butter_Cat Ya that is a bug I'm working on. It is based on a python bot I made. Aka I'm porting it to a website/Javascript.

Skynet7 (2)

how are you doing

aceprogramer (9)

@Skynet7 ???
How am I doing it?
Or how I'm feeling?

CodeKidEr (4)

this is cool!! can you teach me how to code?

aceprogramer (9)

@CodeKidEr I am not a pro, but I can show you what I know. Also, I would recommend They have some free lessons on JavaScript and HTML. That is what makes up AceB0T.