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Actual Brute Force Password Cracker
robowolf (405)

Not the most efficient way to get a 4 digit password. There is a list of characters available to use in your 4 digit password. It basically goes through every outcome possible. Enjoy - Robowolf :)

oignons (324)

This is pretty cool, BUT brute force password crackers are quite easy to make, especially with a set amount of characters. I would suggest either making the number of characters unlimited (when you try to crack, just start with one character than keep testing with more characters until you get it) OR (even better) find the most efficient way to get a password. Those would be more interesting to me and would also take more effort from you.

robowolf (405)

@oignons Actually I made one that goes from 1 to 5 characters but it would take WAY to long. Also BRUTEFORCE no need efficiency caveman speak

oignons (324)

@robowolf Sorry, I've been busy lately. Thank you for taking my feedback into consideration! I do like your infinite cracker. :3

razorshnegax (8)

You should create a function to detect if the password is all ints or all chars, and guess appropriately depending on what it contaned

svensk007 (5)

@razorshnegax yeah, i noticed this too lol

robowolf (405)

@svensk007 Lol, interested in my other repls I see.

svensk007 (5)

@robowolf ;) just wanted to help fix it lol. bc umm it doesn't work

robowolf (405)

@robowolf The CPS bot for Webbot works, you just have to scroll but the site doesn't provide a humongous scoreboard.

svensk007 (5)

@robowolf this is what i use when I use webbot
import webbot

print("Enter website URL")
Website = input("Type url below (https:// and www's not needed)\n")
print("load times may vary =)")


nmanu126 (3)

@razorshnegax yea it took a while for this to guess 1234

poetaetoes (293)

that's the last password it will guess

beginner10coder (12)

Not to be rude but I think @CyanCoding’s one is better the link is:

plz don’t report me I’m just giving an idea so you can go and take a look at it and make your’s better

akliu (0)

oof my password will be the last one tested...

ElAhrairah (0)

happened after I made this the password:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 33, in <module>
a = characters[q-11]
IndexError: list index out of range

robowolf (405)

@ElAhrairah Then it probably wasn't a four digit password containing the characters provided. oof. Try Again.

HenryGrice (0)

it took so long to find the password zzzz

HimanshuShekha4 (50)

i also gave an input to enter the data that you want to keep safe with the password.....

boyke (0)

This is quite cool


Cool. If you could make the number of characters infinite or something, I think this would go to the next level!

Code1Tech (102)

I suggest adding a end="\r".

count = 0
while True:
  print(f"Hello! {count}", end="\r")
  count += 1

That why it will look way neater.
What it does is instead of printing on a new line, it prints on the same line.

Gr8est (39)

Dude, I figured out a loophole, it doesn't work sometimes. So my password was a and then 3`s, and it just skipped it

Gr8est (39)

@robowolf, it just skips ` after a letter. just for you to fix

robowolf (405)

@Gr8est I fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

tankerguy1917 (159)

wow. 1 guess But i totally put in a password that would take 1 try
nice. this is a lot better than the on i made, id say at least

MarblesAndMore (61)

The moment I realise it says "4 digit password" when I have just put in 20 and hit enter. This is really cool btw!

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

I mean I guess if you used kali linux and really tried, this would work, just most website have reCAPTCHA stuff

robowolf (405)

@qwertyuiop1111 Yeah, and even if they didn't they only allow a certain amount of tries

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf yeah this would take a couple minutes, and most websites have 6 or 8 digits as minimum.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf When I went to bed, I thought. Your password cracking thing MIGHT work against reCAPTCHA. You need a supercomputer and a lot of Virtual Machines. Than each VM bot can try twice. If the password is 4 digits, you might have a chance after 2 days of figuring it out.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Also, here, have an upvote.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Hey. This might sound stupid, but, you wanna work on a simple game with me? I'm a beginner to Python. I love Cybersecurity as you can see. I'm working on a text adventure,

Hit me up if you wanna collab. Danke und habe ein Guten Tag!

(no i dont speak german, im tryna learn german)

robowolf (405)

@qwertyuiop1111 Im down. But I might not be on there to consistently because of other priorities. But I will help when I can.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Same (said the owner of the project). Ill share it with you right now.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Comrade, you have been invited.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Can you work on it now? Im having a bit of difficulty with the code.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf If u got a discord friend me. I'm qwertyuiop#8145

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Merry Xmas. I won't be on so, early merry Xmas.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf I need help rq. On the medival project.

robowolf (405)

@qwertyuiop1111 I think my connection lagged. Nothing on your part.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Oh I thought it was like perms or something.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@robowolf Wanna edit? My brain has died.

robowolf (405)

Yes!!!!!! I finally got on trending. How do you see your advancements

wereismywater (19)

nice! to bad in actual hacking this would flag a fire wall really quickly

robowolf (405)

@wereismywater True, but this wasn't meant for actual hacking.

systemctl (47)

@wereismywater not to be that guy but you even have any idea how firewalls work this would most likely not flag any IDS log as it sends no network traffic does't creat any files or remove any files and this would not even be applicable in any situation unless someone uses a 4 digit pass code and you already know it therefore why are you trying to crack it . Think b4 you type

wereismywater (19)

@robowolf I know! just in the case it were, still very cool tho

wereismywater (19)

@systemctl I don't think "fire wall" was the word I was looking for let me repharse: in actual hacking this would lock a said account because it is repeating wrong password inputs which would eventually cause the account to lock. and what do you mean "why are you trying to crack it?" I am not trying to crack anything xD

RahulChoubey1 (132)

replace the loop with cha = "".join(characters). It's much easier. Also, you can index strings like lists. Also, the string module has printable, which means you don't have to write everything manually.

Lethdev2019 (197)

mine is 0011 0101 1000 1001

svensk007 (5)

my "four-digit" password: 999999

KalinMRC (0)

@ARSR47GAMING Press run or fork then run