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MrEconomical (2202)

what is this

Don't you just hate it when sometimes there is a notification and you click on the alert thing in the top left corner and the red dot doesn't go away? I made this simple bookmarklet to get rid of the red dot

Usage Instructions

To use this thing, save it as a bookmarklet. A bookmarklet is basically a bookmark that on click executes some javascript code, in this case deleting the notification red dot

  1. Create a new bookmark (name it whatever you want)
  2. In the url section, copy and paste this:
  1. Now, when you are on, if you want to delete the notification red dot thing, just click on the bookmarklet!
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PDanielY (980)

@AdCharity no it doesn't If you open the notification in a new tab the notification doesn't go away in your current tab