Hackathon Submission About:Me (or You whatever)
AdCharity (1314)

I'm usually pretty verbose about new projects, but whatever. Here is my submission for the hackathon, made in uhhh ~5 days? I don't remember.


If I can get a better style running (I'm pretty much going to re do it) in one day before the dead line I'll put it up.


  • Blog
  • Projects
  • Domain (profile.adcharity.tech; it didn't really change much cause the actual project is profile.adcharity.repl.co)
  • Complete Garbage styling
  • Contact Page
  • A Dashboard for myself to create posts and receive messages
  • somewhat mobile compatible

Possible Updates

I'm actually going to keep this project running, so here's a couple updates

  • Better and more clean styles
  • Maybe learn http requests from Mr Economical (TEACH ME)
  • Commenting (when I save posts I actually do save comments, but I'm going to research repl auth first)


My dashboard

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