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Advanced function calculator! Uses only 1 input
angrydoge (458)


This is my calculator!


Right now the calculator can

  • Add numbers
  • Subtract numbers
  • Multiply numbers
  • Divide numbers
  • Find the cosine value of a number [cos]
  • Find the sine value of a number [sin]
  • Do whatever the heck log() does [log]
  • Do whatever tan() does [tan()]
  • Check if a number is greater than another number
  • Check if a number is less than another number
  • Has error reports for non integers or floats and zero division
  • And more!



  • Fixing the cyclomatic complexity problem

Some random GTA 5 post

  • Colors

If you want to help

Please let me know

If you liked, updoot or comment or sumth

Okay bye!

OldWizard209 (981)

this is pretty easy to implement with the math module. cos(), sin() functions can be done by math.cos(), math.sin(). So this is pretty simple code with only conditionals and try and excepts .... @angrydoge .

No offense

angrydoge (458)

Well thats why I added formatting and error reports @OldWizard209.
Guess it wasnt unique enough.

JBloves27 (1515)

Nice! Just one question, why am I mentioned?

angrydoge (458)

Bc you answered that question on the ask post @JBYT27.
It literally wouldntve have worked if you didnt say why so i puy you in credits.

JBloves27 (1515)

Oh. Lol, i didnt remember xd @angrydoge

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Very awsome, I wil try to make something like this from scratch but how did u get the infinite input thingy I need that xD

angrydoge (458)

Put everything including the input into a while True: statement.