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Adventure of Cash for Treasure
masterniting (4)

Controls :- WASD for movement , left mouse click to shoot , Gun will point in the direction of mouse.
In this platformer game. You have to collect all the coins and then you have to go to the flag checkpoint to win the level. Each level is randomly generated with an increase in difficulty. This is an endless adventure to enjoy. But watch out for the black enemies, they are fast , dangerous and the always follow you. Use your gun to kill them.
I made this game alone. All of the assets and code is made by me

timmy_i_chen (1143)

Haha I really like the art for this - and the zooming is a little disorienting, but it's a cool effect. :P

masterniting (4)

@timmy_i_chen can you tell me .. if the game were lagging for you

katyadee (1270)

I really love the colors your chose! It lags a little bit for me, though.

masterniting (4)

@katyadee Its actually my old post .. I forgot to delete it .. you can try it here .. its my final submission :