vedprad1 (835)

Note: This is based off of the game
Try to get as many food pieces as possible so you can defeat the other player! This is a local multiplayer game, which the means the opponent has to be using the same keyboard.

Red Square: Use WASD or Red Buttons.

Blue Square: Use arrows or Blue Buttons.

Good Luck and make sure to vote this! Also, this has been posted under the share topic at:

This game has gotten a first place tie in the multiplayer game challenge!

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STave_Master605 (1)

Another issue: if the players avoid each other by one of them exiting the map, then it is possible for the other to grow infinitely large. I suggest some sort of growth limit imposed on the players, and a food spawning halt if such an issue occurs.

vedprad1 (835)

@STave_Master605 There is now a limit to the size of your piece (300px). If both pieces reach the max limit, their sizes reset to their original size (30px).