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Aliens Adventure Game
PYer (2743)

I created this adventure game. I read a book a few years ago with an example like this. I haven't found the game example since, so this is totally based off of memory. It is pretty simple, and uses a dictionary and classes to run. I may create a tutorial for creating a game like this. Thank you and please upvote!

I hope you like it!
Comment below if you win!

coderash (70)

Are you going to enter it?


It was easy. Do you know an extended version of this game?

CharlieMorris1 (6)

gassed for a sequel pal

LukeGordon2 (4)

@CharlieMorris1 - noob didn't even complete it. TRUE FANS ONLY !!!!!1

LukeGordon2 (4)

completed it mate

PYer (2743)

@LukeGordon2 nice! did you like it?