World's HARDEST game
Coder100 (8903)

World's Hardest Game

This is a pretty hard game if I say so myself. My high score is 1! Can you beat me?


Use your mouse to move the paddle. Catch all the balls before they hit the ground!

You have 5 lives. Good luck!


Hardness meter:
[ ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▱ ] 90% hard
Player review: Very Easy


There is a leaderboard! Post in the comments below with your high score!


Special thanks to @kurrycat2004 for design and suggestions!

Have a great day!

Enjoy this 90% hard, very easy game!


I think some of you may not have seen this, but if your screen size width is < 500, your score will not be accepted (it is too easy). If you get a score > 50, send a screenshot of your screen for proof!


  • Text is now a bit bigger
  • This project is complete! I am now working on a remastered edition with auth and a few minigames ;)
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Coder100 (8903)

Alright, all your scores have been updated at the time of this writing. Also as a side note, I will not be accepting any more scores of 50 or higher unless you give proof that your screen is over 500 pixels wide. This can be accomplished by sending a screenshot of your game with the developer tools on the right:

Also, it seems I have gotten a new high score!

DynamicSquid (3643)

@Coder100 2, lol! this game is really hard!

Coder100 (8903)

cheater... fine I'll make a screen-width checker or something @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (3643)

@Coder100 yeah I was cheating :) if you increase the screen size, then open up inspect, you could go forever on this thing. use screen.width in js or something similar

CodingPseudonym (41)

@Coder100 Wait how are we gonna take a screen shot in the middle of the game with 50+?

Coder100 (8903)

yeah so basically if you are on 1 health,
screenshot your game with devtools on @johnstev111