Bruteforce Password Guesser (I'm back)
Snowytrack (192)

After arduous nights and days wondering whether I should code another program, I'm back.

Bruteforce Password Guesser!

How it works:

You input a 4-lettered password that you want the computer to guess.

Press enter, and the computer will automatically get cracking at it.

Note: This program does take a long time since it is Bruteforce lol and it does it randomly each time. The amounts of passwords guessed can reach 100 million and more!

Edit: OMG Thanks for all of the support I’ve been getting on this repl recently! 56 upvotes is insane, so thank you so much!


Also, my programs usually don't get a ton of upvotes, and I work really hard on them, so if you enjoy my program, make sure to upvote; its free, and it motivates me a ton!

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Muffinlavania (1254)

Also, since you have been getting a good amount of upvotes (Me with my Uno game that for some reason blew up), here are some ideas for fun games to make:
Games with python(with turtle):
This allows you to have a physical turtle object moving around in the screen. If you dont know how to use this i can teach you it, its pretty darn cool.
Some ideas(These are all my game lol)
A Shoot the enemies game:
Literally Drawing Simulator:
Survive the enemies!:

Also some non-turtle ideas:
I see you already did the infamous story about me im not a creep
Just making some games! Like a good one that isnt that hard, Tic tac Toe, or a text based game like a business simulator!
Also if you want any help i can help you lol school is boring

Snowytrack (192)

@Muffinlavania Yea, that sounds pretty interesting! Thanks for the feedback! And also, your uno game was so fun to play!

Muffinlavania (1254)

@Snowytrack yay thanks. Also Wanna play some Connect 4?
Oh wait i already showed you this, but i completed it so whatever.
Also pls let me do something for you im bored