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Snowytrack (192)


This was coded a long time ago, about like 2-3 months ago, when I first learned Python. My programming skills have gotten better, just a note.

Welcome to....


Ok, no need to be too over-dramatic here.

However, it does have a lot of features, and it is generally fun to play!

(Also, I want to get into some visual games next, so if anyone in the community is interested in helping me out, please contact me!)

So what is the game about? 🤔🤔

Well, it has many interesting features, such as:

  • Different points and perks

  • Interesting scenarios

  • And more!

Enjoy! 🤗🤗

Hey you! Yes you! The person who is reading this right now! If you enjoy my programs, then consider upvoting; its free, it takes like two seconds, and it does help me out a lot. Thanks! 😀😀

Side Note: If this repl hits about 10 upvotes, I will add new content to the game. So make sure to upvote :P

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PlaySoccer (34)

Also, since you imported time, you should make the text load faster

slickassassin03 (86)

@PlaySoccer What? I think this is a little clever joke but if you're serious...

Muffinlavania (1214)

@slickassassin03 hes saying that the sleep(), which is from the import time, is too long. Like he does sleep(4) which waits 4 seconds, and he thinks that is too long

slickassassin03 (86)

@Muffinlavania Guess it pays off to look at code. I didn't know he purposefully made it take so long.

slickassassin03 (86)

@Snowytrack Wasn't aware you used the sleep function like that. I don't always read code.

Snowytrack (192)

@slickassassin03 Oh yeah, programmers have different preferences, this one's mine.

slickassassin03 (86)

@Snowytrack I'd recommend not making it take so long next time though lol.

slickassassin03 (86)

@Snowytrack You want to work on a project together? I'm going to make a text based tycoon here soon.