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Among Us
FloCal35 (155)

Yep, thats right, among us.

This is a short playable story of among us. It has many differant paths and over 1,000 lines of code. It took me over 18 hours to complete. Upvote if you like it, comment why if you don't.
If you see any bugs, leave it in the comments.

Future content coming. Including...

  1. Kill/vent errors fixed
  2. New maps (Like the mars base and sky thing)
  3. More Paths (Mainly on the crewmate file)
  4. Randomized tasks (That one might take a while)
  5. Fix when you type something wrong it takes you to beginning (I've got a lot of comments about that)

Don't expect all of the future content above to come soon. High school makes you busier than you think...

If you want to see your name appear as a game, type...

[My repl username] would like to appear on Among Us by @FloCal35.

EDIT: Yes, we reached 100 upvotes and have been trending for over 14 days! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it :)

eeky (4)

Hey, Instead of doing clear(), do

print("waiting", end="\r")
print("waiting.", end="\r")
print("waiting..", end="\r")
print("waiting...", end="\r")
print("\u200b" * 20, end="\r")

there's a better way to do the waiting text instead of copy+pasting and adding a . to the end, but I can't be bothered writing it. Nice project though!

Alice688 (37)

Falling asleep at my computer after playing this until 4:00 a.m. It's that good!👌😁

elipie (297)


Randomized Tasks(Thats gonna take A LONG time to code
Umm actually no it wont, if you do the following stuff:

import random
<list name> = ["Task1","Task2","etc;"]
for i in range(3):
   random.choice(<list name>)

Here is the code with actual variable names

import random
listofTasks = ["Electrical", "Wires", "Cafeteria", "etc;"]
for i in range(3):#num of tasks

FloCal35 (155)

@elipie by long time, I meant I would probably do it after a few things (Which would take time). But thanks for the code

OlauPla (154)

Just opvoating cuz 5h project

Muttonhead (2)

awesome game! cant wait to see more updates

FloCal35 (155)

@Muttonhead Ty, working on private mode now...

Muttonhead (2)

@FloCal35 thanks for udating love this game

Muttonhead (2)

@FloCal35 also sometimes when I say i dont want to kill or vent i gives error

FloCal35 (155)

@Muttonhead Good to know, i'll try to fix that in the near future


really cool project

JaydenLiu1 (9)

Good game, although without graphics it's hard to keep track of what's what

Code1Tech (88)

I don't recommend using exec. It's not very safe with input.
Instead, do this:

import os
#I have another file

It automatically looks in the shell and knows there is a file named
Then it would execute it. And the string can not be stored in a variable while executing.

You could also use this in a login system, it like it hashes the password because you can't get it from a variable.

Other than that, great game!

Code1Tech (88)

I accidentally pressed the enter key, and it just stopped the game. That is very annoying if you have gotten far then accidentally pressed something. I recommend putting choices in while true loop, after the user makes there choices, it continues to next loop.

while True:
  choice = input("Would you like to move back or forward?")
  if choice == "forward":
  elif choice == "back":
    print("Not a option!")
while True:
  #and so on..


PlaySoccer (44)

I am excited for the time when this project is ready. Easy Upvote :)

DJWang (1246)

This is trash

-ingly awesome!

Dunno if that was even catchy lol

Viper2211 (83)

Nice job! One thing I would look out for is the exec command. It's not a good practice, and I think you would be better of using something like os.system('python3').

FloCal35 (155)

@Viper2211 Ok, I'll try that for my other pojects

firefish (749)

@FloCal35 Another way could be import ./game


iTs ImpOstOR nOtt ImPOsTEr!!!

Muffinlavania (1389)

You can run a file by just importing it by the way, nothing fancy needed to be done

#Pretend this is
print("This is some text")
#Pretend this is
import otherfile

Output: This is some text

Muffinlavania (1389)

@Muffinlavania Also if you would like i can help with bugs and stuff, most of them are easy like you forgot to global something or you forgot to import something

Smart0ne (571)

Wait a second ... are you actually connecting to servers? Like when you say "there are 7 people in the lobby", do you have actual 7 people, or are there just 1 person and 6 bots?

Also, another comment: When you play imposter, you always get the "connection closed abruptly" thing, so I'm wondering what's the code behind.

lmao also your "private mode" code shows that not real people are actually joining, you're just telling the user that people are there, but they aren't

FloCal35 (155)

@Smart0ne Sadly, I don't know how to actually make an online python game, so the lobby is a random number. However for the imposter thing, I do not get the error. Also, I'm glad you like the private mode thing

Smart0ne (571)

@FloCal35 Thank you for your sarcasm. I really needed that. :D

GeneralBaker (43)

Didn't see this bug report yet:

For some reason the game doesn't like it when you decide not to vent.

Swanith (0)

When I type "Private" and hit Enter, it just says "Error" and displays some weird stuff. Plz fix it.

FloCal35 (155)

@Swanith It's supposed to do that... I haven't made pivate mode yet.

Swanith (0)

@FloCal35 Oh...Ok...But it's really good! Keep up the great work!!

GeneralBaker (43)

'Their are ten people in the lobby' <-- grammar issue

srook69 (1)

@SeanKingston Damn all these Beautiful Girls

EthanWilliams9 (0)

i cant see the code but i know there is an error in the imposter part how can i see the code ????