A React Calculator!
MatthewDoan1 (331)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share a cool React calculator I made.

(Psst, Edwin, if you're reading this: I'm starting to learn React, thanks bro).

(Hint: open it up in fullscreen for best experience)

Thanks for reading!

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MatthewDoan1 (331)

@Andi_Chin Ok, now that's just blatantly false. Before I started to learn React, I had no idea what a virtual DOM was, I didn't know anything about the front-end at all. (OK, I knew some HTML, CSS, and some JQuery, which I don't use anymore; that's about it). React has taught me a lot about JavaScript. Basically, suffice it to say that before React, I knew very little about front-end; now, I know more.

(I didn't even know how to make a button with JS without looking it up on W3Schools)

You know what they say: the more you know.