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Another card game (Badaam Saat)
OmegaBlaziken (1)

Badaam Saat is a card game that I grew up playing. While blankly staring at a wall, I got the brilliant idea to make this game.


  • All cards in a regular deck of cards are distributed to all players.
  • The objective is to place down all the cards in your hand.
  • You can only place down cards that are adjacent in number to cards that have already been placed.
  • The first card of any suit to be placed is the 7 (Saat) of that suit.
  • The first suit that can be placed is the heart (Badaam).

This game is usually played in sets of seven, but I still have to code a bridge between game objects. So, you guys will be stuck with single games for now.

This game is best played in another tab.

Hopefully you guys like it!