Architect 📐
LucHutton (186)

Architect is a game about designing your own way of completing levels, you get the option to break or place blocks each level, but you only get a limited amount of each. You can also collect coins along the way, which can be used to buy extras.

This game was a solo project.

Please comment with any bugs or feature requests. They really help me out!

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ryanokushi (1)

I think a nice feature would be to change the block type with a right click rather than the key E.

LucHutton (186)

@ryanokushi I'll make it possible to use both.

LucHutton (186)

@ryanokushi Actually no, just right clicking.

ryanokushi (1)

@LucHutton Great! That makes it a lot easier to play.

DanielDarabos1 (15)

@LucHutton Right clicking on a (MacBook) touchpad is really inconvenient. Can we have E back please?