Are computers more random than humans?
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I have a friend at school (we will call him Miko for his privacy) and he believes that humans are more random than computers. I have created this website to prove him wrong! Press the buttons as randomly as humanly possible. Repeat that 10 or more times. Thank you if you did it! Go to statistics to view that my argument (computers are more random than humans) holds true!


I've been learning about the other 3 trigonometric functions: cosecant, secant, and cotangent. What is the point of these functions?


Miko claims humans are more random because their "algorithm" for generating random number always changes. When the human is feeling silly, he might respond with 69 (nice) and if he is feeling mathematical, he might respond with 3.14159265358979323846264338 (pi) or 2.71828182845904523536028747135266967 (e). Please comment below with counter-arguments!


Thank you if you did the experiment and be sure to do the homework set up for you and the help as well!

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Thanks a lot for messing up my data lol

Next time please fork and get your own endpoint at Thanks! Happy hacking!
What did I just say? (to whoever messed up my data again)

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Hey guys it’s me, the one @Coder100 was talking about.
This post might be taken down due to me reporting @Coder100 for not keeping my right to privacy. Computers are not smarter. Happy Coding 👌🔥🍪!

Coder100 (12642)

What privacy? Anyways, computers are more smarter than humans. @MoreFlameFire63

MoreFlameFire63 (8)

@Coder100, I find you are using my name in public illegally without consent, therefore, you have been reported to ***. Happy Report slip!

Coder100 (12642)

Problem is that isn't your name. Plus, your last name isn't even posted. I know another Miko. @MoreFlameFire63

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Oh yeah, and posting your comment here tells everyone ur real name. Have you noticed? Go to your profile: @MoreFlameFire63


@Coder100 bruh thats hilarious

Coder100 (12642)

Seems like you're still mad at me :( "F coder100" @MoreFlameFire63


So true @Coder100


Can computers answer this question then?

What is the answer to this question?

Make a piece of code that answers the question correctly, and give me the code. @Coder100