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Argenia, a fun web game!
Bob8552 (12)

Welcome to Argenia!

Argenia is a fun web based game where you can earn Argens (the in game currency) by playing minigames and doing jobs! There are items you can buy that can also enhance your gameplay.

We are in the process of adding many more new features. Argenia is still in development and we hope for it to be a success.

elipie (97)

Great game! Should be payed more attetion!

ChezTacoz (342)

First time I saw this I thought it said Argentina. Also how do I get an apple tree?

Bob8552 (12)

@ChezTacoz Yeah, it kinda sounds like Argentina. I think I removed the apple tree at some point during bug fixing...

RayhanADev (344)

Yo this is pretty neat! Nice website xD.

DynamicSquid (3609)

Cool! What inspired you to make this?

Bob8552 (12)

@DynamicSquid Many other web games out there...

Kookiez (129)

awesome! how long did it take you to make this?

Bob8552 (12)

@OrangeJooce123 Quite a while. I abandoned development at around august but a few weeks ago I decided to revive it! I do lose motivation on my projects quite quickly so I don't know if this one is gonna last...

Kookiez (129)

@Bob8552 it's still pretty good, it's better than i could've done!