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Artificial Intelligence Competition
lydiahallie (36)

Artificial Intelligence Competition

General Competition Information

This month's competition is all about artificial intelligence! Whether it's a chatbot, an assistant, a game, you name it: get creative with the possibilities of AI and build anything you like!

So what do we mean with AI exactly? In this competition, your program must be able to do something on its own / demonstrate some level (any level) of intelligence. Whether you decide to achieve that by writing simple if-statements, or challenge yourself by using NLP or NLTK, it's all up to you! As long as it's a working bot that shows some kind of intelligence. You can decide what the bot does, so you can be as creative as you want (as long as it's appropriate).

If you need inspiration, here's an example that recognizes drawn numbers using neural networks. More examples:

When you're happy with the result, submit it on the challenge board.

Competition starts: Monday, Jan 21 12:01 PM UTC
Competition ends: Monday, Feb 11 12:01 PM UTC


3 winners will be selected based on the amount of votes given by users, and by judgment of the staff (whether it's creative, has a nice user experience, and so on).

First Place : $100 Amazon Gift Card
Second Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
Third Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Submission Criteria:

In order to be considered, your bot:

  • Must be hosted on
  • Must be friendly and appropriate

Want to get started with Machine Learning?

Check out some community tutorials! Some featured ones:

Best of luck!


will AI's judge the competition?

Soda190 (0)

@IEATPYTHON I don't think so - lol

ebest (664)

@IEATPYTHON why not. but someone will have to write the ai, maybe submit it, then the writer makes it biased.

SPQR (578)

Fellas, fellas. Real talk. Let us start a pay-it-forward type thing by commenting ideas for an AI to help each other out. I'll go first :)
-Text prediction
-Maze navigation (like a lab rat sort of thing) (this is probably what I'll aim for)
-some sort of AI-based opponent for a game (i.e. pong) that learns from a particular player's playstyle

I hope at least one of these helps someone. Now, all we need is an AI that comes up with ideas for AI concepts (hey, that's not such a bad idea...)

a5rocks (812)

@SPQR Seeing so little replies makes me sad. I'm going to share two of my impossible ideas for people to continue this chain. Here:

  • A random number generator, but AI
  • An 8-ball, but with infinite answers
    Please note I'm working on a more plausible idea related to an 8-ball.
Babbel (64)

@davwheat that's pretty nice. If you count how many times a predicted word was correct, you can sort the list by this number.
7 word
6 world
3 work

davwheat (22)

@Babbel I would but it would be quite a bit of work. I'd either have to use Node.js (no experience) or PHP (which doesn't support).

NathanHousley (2)

@SPQR I love that idea! I wasn't going to enter because I didn't have any ideas at all, but now I might.

xenjacob (1)

@davwheat this is very good. here is an idea to try: an autocomplete that is designed to make the user burst out laughing!!! e.g. "have you seen my " --> "beans" "whales" "muffins" etc. what is funniest? make a way of voting things to the top perhaps? also of course implement phrase prediction not just single word completion (like Gmail now is doing). <3 jacob

davwheat (22)

@xenjacob Hahaha that'd be great! I've already got some phrase prediction put in like: 'kill two birds with one stone' etc. I might implement better phrases soon.

xenjacob (1)

@davwheat Cliche's are a great starting point. But it's even more fun to subvert and/or combine them ;P "Kill two birds with one hand in the bush" "We'll burn that bridge under water when we get to it". Consider also stupid pop culture quotes! She's a --> "witch! Burn her!"

davwheat (22)

@xenjacob I'll keep that in mind! Hahaha

marmaduke05 (1)

@Goldrank Has crossed my mind :-)

Stanlyhalo (22)

Instructions confusing, got head stuck in disk drive.

K4JINX (14)

I'm going to attempt to make a reccurrent network to generate tweets based on a twitter users tweet history. Any ideas on whose twitter I should train it off of?


@K4JINX trumps. It would be funny to see that

HarperframeInc (436)

Yay! Finally a new challenge!

Stanlyhalo (22)

Did an AI create this competition to hire more AIs????

a5rocks (812)

@Stanlyhalo Wait are AIs von Neumann machines?

ChristianThone (63)

I am making a simple Text-Based AI, his name is Jerry. He will have emotions displayed by emojis. He will tell you jokes, and will hopefully tell you a scary story. With witty comments, and a fun personality, Jerry will hopefully make you laugh, and help you learn. I hope to win this competition with Jerry.
BTW: I am using Python 3.0.

lydiahallie (36)

@ChristianThone That sounds like such a great idea! Can't wait to see Jerry :)

ThomasS1 (65)

Currently working (with a friend) on an evolution algorithm ( to solve almost any type of cipher. All you need to do is write the code that generates random keys for your type of cipher (e.g. in Vigenere, it should generate a random string of letters; in Playfair the same but with no repeated letters), as well as the decrypt function, and you're good to go! We will provide some presets (including Vigenere and Playfair). What do you think? Any ideas?

MarkTirado (2)

print ("Hello World!")

Goldrank (35)

@MarkTirado If that is your AI Program, you deserve 1st place!

HappyFakeboulde (236)

Can I submit something I've made before?

HappyFakeboulde (236)

@lydiahallie Are you a new member of the team, or just one I haven't seen in Repl Talk before?

mat1 (4363)

@HappyFakeboulde Yup, Lydia's a new admin.
please come back we miss you hfb

Willthe (5)

Hey I made an AI to help lonely people AND it speaks in poetry!
I hope this helps someone!

hillsam001 (24)

@Willthe I just typed 'y' when it asked me if I was lonely and it broke.

BananaCoder123 (0)

@Willthe Your bot is so Good, it helped me a lot!

DanielSchumache (26)

It won't let me submit my When I go to submit it, I can't choose my repl.

shroudofindia (1)

Can java be used here

lydiahallie (36)

@shroudofindia Yes, any language you like :)

hdew12354 (1)

i wish i knew how to do stuff like this, i just don't know where to start! oh well. :/
edit: spelling

lydiahallie (36)

@hdew12354 You can do it! In case you're not in our Discord server yet, there are many people in there that would love to give tips and help you :) You can join us here !

Zavexeon (1178)

I've never done AI before.... hmmmm... this is gonna be an interesting challenge.

LuckyOreos (185)

I’m entering even though I’m not such a good programmer but anyway good luck everyone! What’s the challenge board?

DiegoFuentes (0)

hello everybody :v

Mainzer05 (0)


hillsam001 (24)

soo.... did I win yet?

16bworden (0)

i enter fortnite get it at

BananaCoder123 (0)

hi does it have to be a talking bot or can it be a bot that talks in script
im using python 3