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my first repl post!

really, this project is quite simple. It took me about a day to create because i have other projects on my PC that use similar code. so it sped the GUI ahead, meaning that I did not have to do much. the modules i used were aioavast, ttkthemes (Equilux theme only!), os (os.walk). as it says IT USES A ENGINE SIMILAR/ THE SAME AS AVAST. i got that via pip as an alternative to clamd/pyclamd because they would not work.

I had to research a lot while doing this to the point i've forgotten almost every site/blog I went to.

Just want to say, that i'm fine with you copying/forking it because there are no projects that are to do with antiviruses.
aioavast is classified in python, like clamd, an antivirus or an antivirus engine. I've been pretty much self-teaching myself for a year.

please note: i have not tested this with viruses because i don't want to destroy my own computer (even with a VM) mainly because it's set only to work on it's root drive. so if it's on drive C:\ it only walks drive C:!

Feedback is appreciated.

One last question...

is there any way to make it so it can quarintine files and delete them with aioavast?


current version: version 01.00.523
new :

  • Performance increase (tkinter --> pyqt gui engine)
  • Changed theme

Reported/noticed bugs :

  • Lag/slow performance when scanning drive C:\ on windows. (fixed)
  • works faster if you minimise it (fixed)

Notices :

  • 17:50 11/11/2019
    if anyone has anything to redesign or ideas, feel free to email at:
    [email protected]

please note: i do have a SPAM blocker on, so if i don't get your email, that's why.

Update: @Adcharity and me (ill try forever until I get the hang of it) are building a website for this.

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Lethdev2019 (99)



do you have a code example on using aioavast to quarantine/ put it into a harmless extension when it finds it?