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Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019
BrickBoston (33)

Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019 is a fun game where you are an Attack Helicopter!
W: Go Up
S: Go Down
A: Go Left
D: Go Right
Space: Shoot

BrickBoston (33)

Seconds are slightly out of sync, sorry!

ThrobackGames (1)

Not a bad game so grab some ram and snort it snnnnnniffffff

RayvelArjoon (36)

This game is a bit laggy, but it's pretty ok. It is well made but could have some minor adjustments to the population of things you can dodge. Also, can you restart the game by pressing any keys. If you can't, why not add a feature such as that which will allow your game to be even more enjoyable. I do like the concept of the game. It was quite entertaining.