VulcanFire Language Generator
VulcanWM (1771)

Me, @VulcanWM , and @SpaceFire are proud to present VulcanFire Language Generator. Here you can make your own language, in 4 very simple steps.

1) Run the repl
2) Wait a few minutes, the longer you wait: the more you make.
3) Stop the repl
4) Check dictionary.json, all your words will be stored there.

There you have it, you have made your very own language.
Later on, a translator will be coming to a Repl Talk near you.

If you want to be up to date with all the latest stuff relating to VulcanFire, or want to show all the hilarious words and their meanings, or want to give suggestions, or report bugs, or just chat, join our discord server.
Thanks for reading.

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aguy11 (87)

Awesome! I just recommend one thing for the replacement word generation. You should split the list of letters into vowels and consonants and should make a variable that records whether the last letter was a vowel or not. That way you can check that if the letter is a vowel and the past letter was a vowel, the next letter must be a consonant. Oh, and yes, randomness should be used to figure out whether the letter should be a vowel or not.