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KrispyChiken (75)

Hi all!
This is my first repl. It is a battle like simulator where you can choose to battle someone (Anyone really). Hope you enjoy!

(Sry people who liked the hacks they have been removed my computer couldn't load so fast)

KrispyChiken (75)

GUYS I GOT THE WEAPON UPDATE!!! took me 30min so plz upvote and share with other ppl. Hope you enjoy the update! :)

Pizzaz4me (63)

A great project, but you should make a list that players should choose from, because one character beat another player using his spit, while the player that died had a nuke machine gun.

KrispyChiken (75)

@PlaySoccer ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL XD beat opponent with spit I beat my opponent with homework lol.

KrispyChiken (75)

@Axrevyn I agree spit beats nuke machine gun ROFL

Jackbaklava (38)

This is a great game as a first project! I hope you continue making projects like this.
Some Suggestions:
1. Show weapons when choosing a weapon
2. Use import os and os.sytem(“clear”) to clear the console when you want to.


I agree! What a cool simple project

Spitfier720 (24)

I see how this works. The gameplay is good enough, however I think i found an error in your code.

When one of the players has negative or 0 health, the other player still has a chance to retaliate. I kinda feel that's unrealistic because if you're dead, you're dead.

Other than that it was a good program.

LTI2 (115)

@Spitfier720 Zombies: Am I a joke to you?

Spitfier720 (24)

@LTI2 if someone dies from a gunshot he can't shoot back

Daniel3210 (18)

@KrispyChiken It's weird in some places. I had a gun. My opponent had a stick. But somehow I died. I still can't understand why! Anyway COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL...............

KrispyChiken (75)

@Daniel3210 IDK why that happened =( well thanks!

JericoDeal (5)

If you type .lower() after your variables it will strip all capitals before the if statement reads them. This way you don't have to use the "or" statement as often. For example:

option = input("Are you bored?")
if option.lower() == "yes":

But I think this is amazing... Amazing job!!!

JericoDeal (5)

I hope it made sense lol @KrispyChiken

KrispyChiken (75)

@JericoDeal it does i just tried it in another repl and it worked!

Pizzaz4me (63)

But the ability to kill your opponent with homework or spit makes this game cool

TheAverageAsian (3)

This is hilarious when you add random weapons. XD
Also, -_-

Axrevyn (281)

I do have a little bit of advice - it's a bit strange for the game loop to restart without clearing.
Try adding this to your code:

from os import system

def clear():

Alternatively, you could do this:

from replit import clear

Both will allow you to use clear() to clear all text from the console.

I recommend using method one, though.
KrispyChiken (75)

I finished updating, hope people like it!

flameSpectrum (2)

1.3 is released!!
1.3.0 (major update)
added characters, damage resistance, and more cheat codes
line number: 220

flameSpectrum (2)

@flameSpectrum, I will add character names on-screen in v.1.3.1

flameSpectrum (2)

1.2 is released!!
v.1.1.0 (minor update) changed intro
v.1.1.1 (betatest) beta tested cheat codes.
v.1.2.0 (moderate update) cheat codes added with txt file dictionary

flameSpectrum (2)

I will make this with graphics

KrispyChiken (75)

@flameSpectrum sure but can you add me in the credits?

clawstrike (22)

I beat the other player with a plastic sword while the the first guy had a rifle

KrispyChiken (75)


clawstrike (22)

so violent(lol). Really this is good(not lol)

Name12 (159)

thank you so much for inspiring me.
a battle simulator is an awesome idea for my new game!
here's the like to it.
an upgraded version of your's, I guess?

theroadtocode (18)

I did Mask (sanitizer) vs. Coronavirus (sneezes) and mask won. That kinda reassured me lol.

Albertthepeanut (0)

I did Karen V.S Store Manager. Karen won.

Gabby8C0des8 (26)

lmao i should've expected this-

RogerChao1 (3)

Ayo Kevin this is pretty impressive ;)