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B.F.P.G letters
Zexogon (610)

Thanks to @ChezCoder for giving me an idea on how to do this
(your awesome dude)
I used most of the code he sent and now you can set a word as your password!!!!

Zexogon (610)

@ChezCoder credited you in the programme sorry i used most of your code m8 >-<

Zexogon (610)

@ChezCoder I’ll keep your name in anyway!, you did really help me out

ChezCoder (128)

@Zexogon Also, do you want to help me create a very big python project? It's minesweeper:

Zexogon (610)

@ChezCoder sure! I’m not at home right now but when I am I’d love to help out

ChezCoder (128)

@Zexogon sent you colab invite thanks!

theLMGN (3)

Couldn't you used len(pasw) to get the password length instead of asking the user?

Zexogon (610)

@theLMGN thanks I edited the code to fix that :)

ThePhoenixfish (42)

Nice :D
I will try to make one that can use both num6er5 and letters