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[ BOT ] Cycle Bot
Coder100 (15373)

Cycle Bot

I am proud to announce the open -Alpha release of cycle bot! Currently it has 11 commands and a full release schedule, so you will be expecting Alpha version and Beta versions coming in no time!

and the prefix is &.

About the Bot

Chocolate, the creation of so many other bots, (admit it @CodingCactus @Codemonkey51 @rohilpatel and a lot more I probably don't know about... lol) is slowly dying :( the reason for that is because of a lot of my faults and poor planning. That's a lot of potential wasted. In this bot, I will reuse this potential to its full!

Release Schedules

I will try to make commits and public updates to the bot daily, and you can view the github repo for all the things that are planned!


You are a coder who wants to become the most richest! &code, &shop, &exchange on your way to become a millionare! There are three currencies and many quests for many hours of gameplay and fun!

Beginnings of the Bot

I was working on CookeyLang C++ one day (yes, that is a thing!) when I thought, hey, what if I used this skill to create a command parser? (Yes, this is actually what I was thinking!) So, that is how Cycle Bot was made. Also thanks to @firefish @Codemonkey51 @RayhanADev @programmeruser for following my github account and finding out about the project!


Although the bot doesn't have much right now, please keep in mind I made this two days ago (at the time of writing), and I am trying to add as much as possible. Have fun!

CoolJames1610 (665)

What do you use to keep your bots online? :D

itsVyle (0)

Is chocolate going to stay though ?
Because I lost a lot of time of my life to get to the top of the leaderboard with something like 2'000'000'000 cookies

Coder100 (15373)

@itsVyle oh yes, it will still stay

HarperframeInc (438)

Hey Coder! I had an idea for a discord bot currency exchange that lets you transfer your money in and out of different discord bots, but I haven't found anyone to work with.

Want to help me?

Coder100 (15373)

@HarperframeInc sure, but what do you mean transfer money in and out of different bots? LIke useless internet points?

HarperframeInc (438)

@Coder100 Yeah you could say. It'll be redeemable for useless virtual items, or using it into other bots. You could say it's like a cryptocurrency.

RayhanADev (1389)

Lmaomalmao I saw that and I was wondering why it wasn’t in any of your Posts xD. GG mate.

CodingCactus (4087)

Chocolate, the creation of so many other bots

lmao no.

angrydoge (457)

I was like, wow coder100 i expected more from yo- oh wait nvm.

Bookie0 (5618)

oh no something else about cycles *sigh

Coder100 (15373)

ok tbh I was originally going to name it sim but then I thought against it because I didn't want to cause any TOS issues, so I renamed it to cycle bot @Bookie0

Bookie0 (5618)

@Coder100 hum ok mebbe just for me add in post in big bold with nice underline:



RohilPatel (1467)

im gonna soon come out with a bot named Spaghetti @Coder100

Bookie0 (5618)

lmfao was jk @Coder100 do what u want :)

TsunamiOrSumth (547)

Thats smart. You named it cycle bot so people could click, since it kinda sounds like "cycle generator bot". Wait, didnt you make that before? And it was a rickroll? idk. why do i exist. sorry for rambling on lol

Coder100 (15373)

@TsunamiOrSumth teachers adding hidden meaning to books be like

DynamicSquid (4598)

@FloCal35 Soon it's gonna be Coder100 (-2147483647) cause he's gonna have so many cycles it'll cause an overflow

realTronsi (901)

epic css

also are you using deno?

realTronsi (901)

@Coder100 deno uses ts, but I saw that you have a server so I'm wondering if you're using deno??

Coder100 (15373)

no no, i meant I was using typescript the language, nothing like deno or friends just typescript @realTronsi

Jeydin21 (73)

Yes, a Discord bot! Discord bot gang amirite :D