Bad Apple in BASIC
SixBeeps (3770)

It's practically a meme to put Bad Apple on everything, from graphing calculators to Gameboys.

So, I figured with the recent addition of an image buffer to BASIC, it would be possible to continue the meme to places it's never been: on

This took me a few painstaking hours to make, but it was worth it (I think).

The process was to take a GIF, compress it to 50x50, read each frame's color data, convert it to Hex, then repeat the Image Printer's code for each frame. I think this might be a bit inefficient at the moment, but all I care about is that it works.

After all those hours,
it works.

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Codemonkey51 (926)

Ye bruh I'm struggling to make something SIMPLE in basic and you come along and go, IMMA PORT A GIF TO BASIC @SixBeeps

Codemonkey51 (926)

Yep it's also kind of sad @SixBeeps

SixBeeps (3770)

@Codemonkey51 I mean, I've been using BASIC for a veeerrrryyy long time, so

AmazingMech2418 (997)

@Codemonkey51 You should start learning BASIC! I made Pong and Snake already and I think it is a great language!