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Bank Log in, Sign up, Balance, Widraw money, put money etc..
NimaSherpa3 (21)

THis is not DONE but it is done with the user log in, sign up, add money, I am too tired rn to continue I wanna do my thing too night ;) sooo enjoy this fork it up and fix it up yuh send me the repls u make based on this Better be GOODAlso this took me like 10 - 20 minutes I would say I don't know how to add the loop or what ever it is called I'm still learning, but if u added a loop within the bank u u can give an option at the end to say yes or no to continue and it would continue and go on perfecto ;) soo yeah ENJOY PPL

NimaSherpa3 (21)

Just relised all I know is inputs, prints, variables, strings, ints, and some other stuff so sad :( I DONT KNOW FUNCTIONS OR ALGORITHMS OR LOOPS AT ALL OR WELL ETC>> XD