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Banking Simulator
AzureScripts (166)

Welcome to Banking Simulator!

This is a virtual bank / tycoon that you can manage, improve, or destroy!
The main goal of this game is to make your bank reach $100,000.
However, there are some things that may stop your progress:
Bank Robberies
Failed Investment
Non Returned Loans

! Be the best banker you can !

DJWang (1239)

What do employees do?

LynnOng (26)

Very nice game. It's very polished and detailed.

Luke25 (116)

So what do customers actually do in the game? Or are they just for show.

AzureScripts (166)

@Luke25 Sorry for the VERY late response.
Customers increase the amount you get in the "Donation Bin".

ProgramMachine (1)

It is a nice game, however, is there any way to stop a robbery?

AzureScripts (166)

@coolboi Upgrade security to lower the chances of being robbed! :)