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Basement Burg
Gentrix (5)

This repl is a game I made for a school project. It's an RPG with aspects of horror to it.

trg5503 (3)

My screen is just wide enough for the map to display correctly, but everything else isn't the worst. It could use a small bit of tweaking and it would be great.

Gentrix (5)

Thanks for the input will definitely look into the itty gritty stuff in my free time, as well as tweaking the map. @trg5503

mkhoi (214)

The map is hard to navigate, you should make it clearer

Gentrix (5)

The map is probably the biggest downside in making this. At first I wanted it just to be as a guide to really see how many rooms there are. Not really be a primary use of navigation (ruins the whole exploration aspect). But I also saw on other computers/laptops that the map isn't always the same and the map alters its shape and size, which is annoying and isn't something I know how to fix for now. But thanks for the input, much appreciated! @mkhoi

etian (31)

@mkhoi yea when i type "map" all I get is a jumble of symbols