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Basic password input
HunterGraham (0)

This can be applied to almost anything from running strings of code if you get the password right to making logins for games. If anyone finds a more efficient way to do the please share it with me. This is the shortest version that I could make and I'm trying to make a game that uses a login and this you can only use once. So if you improve it please share it.

Crcoli7307 (23)

That's cool, I'm working on a Savable Password System for my Operating System made with python.

HunterGraham (0)

@Crcoli7307 With the write() function you can take one string and put it into a file. And, if wanted to write multiple lines at once. You can use the writelines() function to put data in a sequence (like a list or tuple) and into a file: