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Battlegrounds: Console Edition
GrantKeo (81)

ALERT! ALERT! THERE IS A NEW GAME! @: (Hint: You are a flippin' MAGE!)

Well, this is one of my first fighting games. Pretty simple, and basically a fungus compared to a videogame like Fortnite. But please try it.
Although the instructions are in the game, here are the instructions:
It is you versus the enemy. The enemy has attacked your hill. Your goal: Defend your stand. You take turns striking blows against each other. Here are actions you can do when it is your turn to strike:

  • Attack up (type, AU)
  • Attack down (type, AD)
    Once your turn has passed, it will be the opponents's turn to fight back. But you can defend yourself.
  • Block Attack (type, BL. Half of the damage is dealt.)
  • Dodge Up (type, DU. there is a 50% chance of being hit.)
  • Dodge Down (type, DD. there is a 50% chance of being hit.)
    A full hit = 20 damage
    A blocked hit = 10 damage
    A dodged hit = No damage
    You keep taking turns until one of you falls. Are you ready? Fight!

    (Press "Enter/Return" to continue...)

    My final words for you: "Enjoy the game!" (I admit, "My final words" doesn't sound very good.)

P.S. The game looks best if you go to this link:

thejoeman24 (29)

you should use this for ur thing

from os import system, name

def clear():
if name == 'nt':
= system('cls')
= system('clear')

GrantKeo (81)

@GrantKeo Thanks a lot! This is so helpful for my games!

        |  |
  ______/  |
(___[])     \_____
(___[])      ¨¨¨¨¨
(___[])      _____


DanielSchumache (26)

You can use to make it full screen

GrantKeo (81)

Thanks! I needed that advice.

timmy_i_chen (1066)

Super cool. Love the graphics :)

GrantKeo (81)

Hey, I made a new game yesterday at the time of writing. Can you please try it?

Go to

HappyFakeboulde (216)

The graphics are unclear, but this is cool.
Have an upvote.