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Bee Movie Script (java)
DaDestroyerMK85 (45)

[bee movie script removed because its too long]

DJWang (1312)

"According to all FRIKIN known laws of aviation, there is no way a FRIKIN bee should be able to fly." Please watch your language

mchapy1 (17)

Why... Just... Why? Is this the entire script from a movie? Good job, I guess. Though I’m not sure it even works properly lol. Quotation marks are an important part of java coding, so don’t use them in your text unless you want a million errors. “” is a closed text bracket, and your code starts with this. Therefore you are printing a space and not text.

NathanCoy (2)

@mchapy1 That's kinda the whole point. When the script runs, it actually prints out the text as an error statement, although Java prints out the entire line anyways to try to point out the error

mwilki7 (1113)

it even reprints the entire movie script for every syntactically wrong token
it's genius

SkyyCivil (120)

hehehe... lol.. his feelings 🤣🤣 @mwilki7

lolipopcakecake (3)

Absolutely going on r/madlads.

PDanielY (1262)

Please do not make the character count more than a 1000 characters in the future.

mwilki7 (1113)

i dont know whether to be impressed or disappointed

CodeDee (2)

I like it, but you could've chosen a better script - like The Room.

idonteatcats (7)

this is some heresy

stevetay001 (5)

i have nothing to say except thank you

OliviaSorenson (0)

I... I do not know what do say. It....Its beautiful


If u could downvote in repl, I would downvote this project.

qualladoom (345)

Please be more friendly in here and provide constructive [email protected]


I'm sorry :( @enigma_dev


@enigma_dev constructive criticism: this post is literally spam

SkyyCivil (120)

cool the bolts man
its comedy just have a good time.
although i agree
it is spam@sanjaykdragon

Yuahde (48)

@sanjaykdragon this is amaizing and u know it

SkyyCivil (120)

Hello, @sanjaykdragon
I recommend that when you give constructive cri that you give it in a polite format. A lot of people will take things the wrong way if you don't say it nicely. :)


@SkyyCivil My comment was not meant to be put in a polite format, because the post OP made is literally a waste of time. Not worth posting.


@sanjaykdragon I agree, as all this does is fill up the REPL feed, although I would have put it in a more polite manner