Bee Movie Script (java)
DaDestroyerMK85 (44)

[bee movie script removed because its too long]

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mchapy1 (17)

Why... Just... Why? Is this the entire script from a movie? Good job, I guess. Though I’m not sure it even works properly lol. Quotation marks are an important part of java coding, so don’t use them in your text unless you want a million errors. “” is a closed text bracket, and your code starts with this. Therefore you are printing a space and not text.

NathanCoy (2)

@mchapy1 That's kinda the whole point. When the script runs, it actually prints out the text as an error statement, although Java prints out the entire line anyways to try to point out the error

mwilki7 (1012)

it even reprints the entire movie script for every syntactically wrong token
it's genius

SkyyCivil (119)

hehehe... lol.. his feelings 🤣🤣 @mwilki7