Best HTML Clicker Game With Upgrades!! (Grades Clicker)
RohilPatel (1458)

This is a website for fun

Here, we intend fun full of clicking. **I haven't seen a clicker like this, and thought it would be cool to make with my friend @CaptainPoultry . He came very useful for things I didn't want to do, like some of the html and such.

How to Play

  1. Open the site
  2. Start Clicking.
  3. Upgrade your clicks.
  4. Click more
  5. Repeat


This website is still in progress, however it is stable enough for public use. Thank you to all to help me fix some issues! Thanks!

Please upvote to show your support towards this project. It has taken a decent amount of time to complete this.

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RohilPatel (1458)

Ya ya! I'm ur first upvote! Now you have a "1" in parentheses! @CaptainPoultry