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Binary Drawing Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
panniu (42)

Help Tool:

Look at the examples
Comment some interesting numbers

Brandaboss (85)

Nice! I like the drawings.

pyelias (1585)

Just some random notes and suggestions:

The help tool doesn't work.

Have you considered using loops for the print(''.join(...)) parts?

What happens when you highlight it is cool.

panniu (42)

@pyelias:Thanks, I have also fixed the help tool. I used the help tool to just input many number arrays, which will give me many big numbers. Then I'll add all of them.

panniu (42)

If you select the final product, you can find 0s and 1s inside it.

panniu (42)

@casebuttitta: So the numbers I gave in the examples will create an image.
I will leave some comments on code to make it more sense.

panniu (42)

2 16x16 images are up!!!