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Binary Search Tree in F#

Functional programming is famous for being hard. But it also comes with huge rewards! 😮

First of all, your programming style will get better 😎. Don't we all want that?

Second, functional languages are REALLY powerful. Like, you won't even believe how many awesome features functional languages have. Like, for example, pattern matching!

If you're not ready for Haskell (basically functional programming hard mode), I recommend F#. It's a .NET language, so it does have a lot of imperative aspects, plus its documentation is good and the community is willing to help you.

But enough about that. To use this program, type "insert <any integer>" when it prompts you (There's no arrow or anything, but the program begins after "mono main.exe" appears on the console). It'll print the tree out.


finally, a good post


Thank you, @roylatgnail

NoelB33 (314)

Just because something doesn’t match your standards doesn’t mean it’s not a good post just saying. @roylatgnail


@NoelBryan you know that this shows effort right?

NoelB33 (314)

I never said it didn’t, this is a good post but so are a lot of the other posts on @roylatgnail

PDanielY (1055)

You're the first post to post an F# repl

Jakman (439)

Havent seen F# around here in some time.