Multiplayer Drawing Canvas
SpicedSpices (131)

Multi-person Drawing Canvas

This canvas is multiplayer so anyone can change this screen. I was 'inspired' by Reddit's r/place which was a social experiment hosted on April 1st, 2017. It was a giant canvas where each person could change the color of one pixel, with a cooldown of 5 minutes.

In this version that I made, there is a 80 by 45 pixel space, and no cooldown time, so you can change as many pixels as you would like. You could even possibly make a bot to draw pixels for you.

How Do I Use This?

To use this canvas, all you need to do is to click on whichever pixel you would like to change, and press the key corresponding to the color you would like.

  • Red - 1
  • Orange - 2
  • Yellow - 3
  • Green - 4
  • Light-Green - 5
  • Light-Blue - 6
  • Medium-Blue - 7
  • Blue - 8
  • Purple - 9
  • Magenta-Red - 0
  • Black - Minus Sign
  • White - Equal Sign

I used Node.JS and 2 frameworks, Express.JS for sending files, and Socket.IO for real-time web connections.

An upvote if you enjoyed it would be appreciated

Please let me know how it is and give me feedback

Thank you for trying this out!

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SixBeeps (2288)

Black doesn't work :(

Great site, otherwise.

LiamDonohue (278)

「戸惑う言葉 与えられても 自分の心 ただ上の空 もし私から 動くのならば すべて変えるのなら 黒にする」

what does this mean lol

mwilki7 (993)

if your keyboard has a 'mute' function that works as black

SpicedSpices (131)

@mwilki7 oh thanks for that!
@SixBeeps I coded it to work with the keycodes instead of the key names so that is probably why. Sorry for that lol

SixBeeps (2288)

@mwilki7 Nope, I've got a normal keyboard.

EDIT: What the heck why does that work (Fn + F2)