Search Easier with Query!
Vandesm14 (2581)

Query makes searching content on multiple sites easier and more streamlined. Forget the hassle of copying and pasting your search query to multiple sites just to find the perfect result. Query automatically sets up a button for each your favorite sites. All you have to do is input a search query and click the sites you want. Once you click a site, you will be instantly redirected to the results page, without even touching the default search page (Like Magic!).

Query comes with quite a few management options as well. You can filter sites by category and content type to narrow down your search to the exact set of results that you need. You can also search by the site name, if it's troubling to find the intended site. Query also provides integrated feedback, so if you find that a site is missing from the list, just send it to us and we will get it up and running!

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Vandesm14 (2581)

@Bluestar3211231 Thanks! It's perfect for research projects!