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Casidar (42)

Bob is an interactive AI. You can play games, use a calculator, and more!

Casidar (42)

what did not work

LynnOng (26)

As far as I know this is not an AI.
It's still fun though.

Nanowrimoijk (42)

Just reading the code but, are you coping me?
(line 38)

Nanowrimoijk (42)

I divided by zero

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
    at Main.main(
exit status 1
Jalcon (28)

you could choose your job

Anthony_Tonev (98)

How to withdraw cash earned from working?

Casidar (42)

It gives it to you after you work

themaka (186)

Fun. You should have it give you a message is a user inputs something that isn't a valid command. For example, I entered '/game' and the system did nothing -- you could have it say something about not recognizing the command, then print the /help info again.


R3KO (0)

It didn't work

medhansh_rath (1)

I am not able to select any options after /help.

Casidar (42)

Did you type the commands

medhansh_rath (1)

@Casidar I was not able to type previously, but it is working now. By the way, your program is wonderful!

21natzil (1142)

Judging by the name of the AI and your profile picture, Bob wouldn't happen to be B.O.B., would it?

Casidar (42)

yes, I got the idea of the name from him.

AydenB (39)

@Casidar i want to be tracer